Blasting & Painting 

Sandblasting is a chore best suited to service professionals because of the mess involved, environmental requirements, and the care needed to keep from over-blasting the area being cleaned. Sandblasting is intended for jobs that require some stripping and abrasion.

We offer many sandblasting services and  procedures for removing any type paint, coatings, debris or growths. Just ask our experts about paint removal, rust removal, virtually anything from any surface, and we offer a healthy and environmentally safe way to clean and preserve your project. 

All of our sandblasting projects are done by our experienced sandblasters who will take care to make sure the job is done right, and is protected at all times and that you are happy with the results.

( AECOM ) Painting & Sandblasting has excelled in the Industrial Painting arena . We are providing Industrial Painting Contractor services for a wide variety of structures in various industries including Factories, Assembly Plants, Power Plants, Commercial and Office Buildings.
When facilities, structures or equipment literally have a job to do, ( AECOM ) Painting & Sandblasting helps you maximize their life, function and efficiency with state of the art application methods, and the highest quality materials. Experienced riggers reduce set-up time. Highly accurate estimating and project follow-through scrupulously control and track job costs. In existing, operating locations we help you limit downtime or dislocation by careful, cooperative work planning.   ( AECOM ) Painting & Sandblasting can meet all of your Houston Industrial Painting Contractor needs.