Our access to equipment, facilities and products means we have the ability to conduct the entire work scope, from supply and installation through to service and repair, as well as testing and certifying. This ensures a rapid comprehensive service and the best possible value for our clients. Since both the oil & gas and petrochemical plants involve complex process, it is important for the company to comply with the specification and requirements of its clients as it usually involves hazardous materials which may be combustive and toxic.

     Mechanical works involves plumbing, compressed air, vacuum system, fire protection HVAC-Heating, ventilation, piping networks process, piping industrial installation and drainage Gas installations, rigging works related to lifting and installation, welding, shot blasting, coating, preparation and testing of mechanical equipment and valves supply, service, cleaning and installation.

We are professional in Especially Mechanical & maintenance  Works :

                      • Cold Cutting 
                      • Hot Bolting
                      • Flange Managements  
                      • Repair & Maintenance :   We are specialist in Repair, maintenance ( Major O/H ) and operation. :
                      1. Heavy & Light Vehicles
                      2. Generator
                      3. Air Compressor
                      4. Steam Boiler
                      5. Pumps
                      6. Valves
                      7. Hydraulic System