Supplier & Logistc :

Alaq Al-Ezdehar Co. ( AECOM ) offers a full complement of logistics and supports services that provide our client with innovative and economical solution for all of their logistics challenges and to complete their project need.
( AECOM ) extensive experience in logistic around Iraq. We have dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure that we deliver superior service and innovative solution.
( AECOM ) logistic capabilities range from procurement to onsite delivery. Our Iraq wide logistic network is the foundation of all our services and performance. Our success is proven in difficult remote zone. We have succeeded in constructing a highly developed logistics solution for remote zones.

Our Main Supplies Includes:-
•    Manpower 
•    Portable Cabins for Offices, Accommodations etc.
•   Materials
•    Pumps, Valves, Instruments etc. & Spare part 
•    Fire Detection & Protection System
•    Drinking and Raw Water Supplies